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Plant Risk Assessment

The Victorian OHS regulations 2017 state: Section 105 use of plant.

An employer or self-employed person must ensure that—

A Plant Risk assessment is one way of inspecting plant. The plant risk assessment is a comprehensive inspection of a piece of plant or equipment to ensure it is safe for use and has the required labels or marking located in the correct areas.

One of the most important parts of conducting risk assessments is knowing what to look for and where to look. Mick Bosnjak, CEO of MBE Training has over 10 years of training & OHS experience in a variety of industries such as mining, civil construction, manufacturing, transport as well as multiple qualifications up to an academic level in risk management.

Stickers and labels

MBE training are able to supply all of your safety stickers and labels that may be required as part of the risk assessment.

Each type of Safety Sticker Kit includes all the commonly used safety and hazard warnings for each particular machine used in:

MBE training are able to supply stickers and labels for your machines to ensure they are compliant.